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The Power of Graphene In Aerospace
Combining light weight with superior strength
The ongoing need of the aerospace industry to enhance the performance of commercial, military, and orbital craft is constantly driving the improvement of high performance, lightweight materials.

Composites are one such class of materials that play a significant role in aerospace components. They are attractive because of their potential to provide superior physical properties.

G-PMC composite materials exhibit superior performance in a wide variety of polymer composite applications.
Significant weight savings
G-PMC materials are classified as particulate composites. They are
isotropic, with thin layers of graphene evenly distributed throughout the material. This means G-PMC materials can be used in injection molded parts alone or as the core between anisotropic fiber materials in a more complicated lamination process.

Regardless of the process, the superior strength characteristics allow
a reduction of raw materials as much as 30% over the polymer that is
replaced with G-PMC material. This contributes to a significant weight and cost savings, key factors for aircraft of all types.

Even composite aircraft can benefit from G-PMC. The Boeing 787 is
approximately 50% composites, saving 20% of the weight of traditional materials. Since G-PMC enhances standard polymers with graphene, some of the strength requirements could be met without resorting to more complicated and costly fiber lamination, resulting in production time and significant cost savings.
Graphene composites you can use today
Using G-PMC materials in place of your standard polymer will significantly improve the performace characteristics of your product, while producing an overall cost savings in raw materials.

This can be accomplished with minimal modifications to your production process.
G-PMC materials are delivered in the same bulk packaging as your other bulk polymers, in large palletized bags of pellets. They may be used directly in place of your existing polymer, whether you are extruding, casting, injection molding, or 3D printing.
TLC Graphene Composites - The future of Graphene
In order to satisfy the huge demand we are seeing for G-PMC materials, we are building a new production facility in New Jersey. Our production capacity in this facility will deliver multiple tons of material per month. A larger facility planned the following year will increase capacity ten-fold.