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The Power of Graphene In Infrastructure
Saving infrastructure with G-PMC
Today nearly 30 percent of America’s 600,000 public bridges are either structurally deficient or functionally obsolete, and there is an urgent need for replacement and repair of this crucial part of the highway system.

Composites are suitable for upgrading and retrofitting concrete bridge components or even complete bridge systems.

The highway infrastructure has been deteriorating for years, thanks to harsh environments, heavy loads, and insufficient or damaging maintenance practices. High traffic and low budgets have further strained the ability of conventional materials to meet the need for quick construction and lightweight, long-lasting components.

G-PMC materials can address many of these problems. They are durable and lightweight, with superior strength and durability. The deck of a bridge built of composite materials can provide up to seven times the load capacity of a reinforced concrete deck, twice the durability, and with only 20 percent of the weight.
G-PMC in Military Infrastructure
Today’s military is on the move, and they take their infrastructure with when they go. Portable, vehicle mounted bridges are critically important to flexible logistics in any battlefield scenario.Portable bridges built with G-PMC materials are stronger than traditional
materials, with a significant weight savings, allowing the designer to incorporate longer spans and wider tracks for larger vehicles.
Graphene composites you can use today
Using G-PMC materials in place of your standard polymer will significantly improve the performace characteristics of your product, while producing an overall cost savings in raw materials.

This can be accomplished with minimal modifications to your production process.
G-PMC materials are delivered in the same bulk packaging as your other bulk polymers, in large palletized bags of pellets. They may be used directly in place of your existing polymer, whether you are extruding, casting, injection molding, or 3D printing.
TLC Graphene Composites - The future of Graphene
In order to satisfy the huge demand we are seeing for G-PMC materials, we are building a new production facility in New Jersey. Our production capacity in this facility will deliver multiple tons of material per month. A larger facility planned the following year will increase capacity ten-fold.